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Original Swiss Bank Box & Door (1923)
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Authentic Swiss Bank BOX & DOOR
*Original 1923 bank box with brass fittings
*Safe deposit door with brass cover and hinges
Fully restored - stunning polished brass finish!
*2 original numbered client keys
*Authenticity certificate & 1919 patent
*Free lock reactivation included
*All with matching numbers!

Buy an original Swiss bank box and safe deposit box door & lock with both original client keys, all with matching numbers. The door rests on a laser-cut acryl rest and can be laid on a desk or shelf to make a beautiful and intriguing display. All items are authentic and come from the vault of a real Swiss bank, namely UBS (not affiliated with us). We have personally removed a few of these boxes from the vault for my own use and with agreement of the bank when the vault was moved during a renovation. Nothing like the flimsy locker room style safe deposit boxes seen in the USA.

The bank box is a beautiful example of the classic Swiss bank safe deposit box. Your box opens front and top on hinges. It has a beautiful brass cover you can padlock. The body is lined and shines like an old mirror.

This box & door is very unique as it uses brass fittings. The box originally had no number on the box itself and only on the door, and we found a Swiss artisan who was able to produce a beautiful numbered plate in the very same style for the box. This beautiful metal was only used for a couple years and was later replaced with more durable but visually less attractive metals. Bank boxes and doors with brass elements are the rarest and most prized boxes on the market!

We restore each door and box one by one. The process takes over 2 months to complete, with 4 different Swiss artisans working on each item in turn. As you can see, after nearly 90 years of constant use, the brass elements had lost their protecting transparent varnish and the brass had become oxydized, the color of old leather. We take apart each door and the brass items are polished by hand, then revarnished with an invisible transparent protecting varnish dried in an oven for 24 hours. This ensures you can keep your Swiss bank box and door for another 100 years without ever needing to polish the brass again. It will shine as on the first day!

This is the real thing. Swiss bank accounts are secrets shared by a handful of the richest men in the world who have quietly been using the high-class services of Swiss banks for over 200 years. The Swiss safe deposit box is the most secret part of the bank because not even the Swiss banker knows what the client stores in his box. What will you store in your box?

When you buy this box you are securing a beautiful piece of Swiss banking history for yourself and to pass on to your children after you. Each box is unique and there is no other box with the same number. Once it's gone you will never have another opportunity to buy it. The more you read, the more you realize why people are crazy about these legendary Swiss bank boxes.

Do you already know what you will store in your Swiss bank box?

Swiss banks never sell these boxes normally as they are part of their safe deposit vaults. These boxes are very popular amongst Swiss and international lawyers, bankers and collectors. We have only a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of these boxes. If you like this box, buy it now and because the opportunity to get yourself one of these legendary boxes might never come again. Each box is unique and numbered - when you buy it, it will never be available to anybody else ever again.

The door is heavy enough to prevent any documents from being blown away by a wind gust but at 2.5kg/5lbs it is no anvil either. A lady can easily lift it with one hand.

The door rests on a laser-cut transparent acryl block that I have custom-made for this. Intriguing display for any law or financial or private office or study. Use the bank box to store documents, objects, ties, jewels, cigars, valuables, etc... The door, keys and box all have matching numbers, this is extremely uncommon & sought-after.

The door is in full working condition. Included FREE OF CHARGE is the full lock reactivation by removing the bank locking mechanism so you can open and close the lock using the two client keys supplied. Your friends and visitors will all want to play with the lock.

The ingenious triple lock all built in brass has been patented by Zurich Locksmith Bauer in 1919 in the same patent office in downtown Bern where Albert Einstein worked for years! Made in brass to guarantee corrosion-proof functionning for 100+ years, it came with 3 different keys. One for the client and one of for the banker were used simultaneously to open the box, and a third key for the bank manager to actually open the lock for repair.

View of the Swiss bank this box comes from
This is a 1930s picture of the actual UBS vault (large building on the right) your box came from. The authenticity certificate delivered with the box gives you a lot of historical background about the bank and its vault.

Picture of the actual Swiss bank vault your box came from. It was in service continuously from around the 1930’s to 2004 and probably had about half a dozen different owners.

What did your box contain? Who owned it? I don't know, but most probably there were extremely precious items such as gold coins, bearer bonds, official documents, cash or works of art.

What will you put in your box?
These boxes are very popular with Swiss and foreign professionals, lawyers, bankers, tax attorneys, notaries and collectors. They use them as displays in their offices, to store precious or beloved documents, collectors' items or chocolates. We have lady clients who use their boxes to store scarves and jewels. Many people who collect coins, books, old documents, banknotes and a countless other antiques and collectibles just love to store it. But if you are looking at this auction you must already have an idea of what you will put in your Swiss bank box, right?

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Mary M., Florida, USA

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Amanda, Luton, United Kingdom

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Phil, Southminster, Essex, UK

«I Love This Box And Delivery Was Really Fast Thank You Very Much!»
Louisa, Antique Dealer in Glasgow, Scotland

 Metric   Imperial
Weight1750gr3.85 lb  

 Metric   Imperial
Weight2500gr5.5 lb  

(Approximate measurements)

We are Swiss citizens and speak fluent English and travel regularly to the United States. We sell items to US clients every week - you are dealing with a reliable Swiss merchant.

PAYMENT - You can pay us in US dollars through PAYPAL, an American company that offers 100% BUYER PROTECTION. I also accept bank transfers to my Swiss bank account - all bank charges at buyer's costs.

REFUNDS - If you are not 100% satisfied with this item for any reason you are welcome to return it within 7 DAYS and I'll give you a full refund minus shipping and handling. Please use the original packaging when returning an item and the shipping to your address and back is at your cost and in the original packaging.

The pictures on this page are not of the actual item. The number differs and of course none of the props in the pictures are included unless expressly mentioned. This is an authentic Swiss banking antique that has been used for decades and it proudly bears scratches and patina.

We do not represent in any way the bank where this item was used nor the firm that originally manufactured it nor do we have any details about the security of the banks - these are antiques sold for collecting purpose items.

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Prices can change without notice. Each item is unique and can be different than the general descriptions found on this website. If in doubt please check the price list for an exact description. We do not represent in any form the firms who originally manufactured these items nor the banks who used them. These items are sold for collecting and decorative purposes only.
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