Swiss Bank Safe Deposit Box Doors Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a differences between the two keys/locks?
Technically there is no difference between both locks. However, there was only one 'banker' key for the whole vault room. You will get the original 'client' key but the 'banker' key is a high quality copy. Both keys/locks operate exactly the same.

Why are there two keys/locks?
If I have both keys, do I still need two people to open the door? No, you can open the safe door alone if you have both the 'client' and the 'banker' keys.

Do you also sell the hinges or a ready-to-cast structure to install my door?

Can I have a box with matching numbers to my door?
Yes, we have a limited quantity of doors with matching boxes. Order while supply lasts!

How strong are these safe doors?
Very strong. Our doors are made of 0.125'' gauge steel.

Are they fire resistant?
No. Our safe doors where used in vault rooms with 30 inches thick steel doors and did not need to be insulated against fire.

What happens if I lose a key?
If you lose the 'banker' key, we can send you a copy. But we do not have copies of the 'client' keys. You can safeguard yourself against losing a client key by asking a local locksmith to have a copy made and store it in a secure place. But if you lose your 'client' key, you will need to bust the safe.

Can you give me the specifications of the safe door?
You can download all specs here.

Do you have a plan for hinges or installation of my door?
Yes we do, they are available for free in Adobe Acrobat format.

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