Restoration of our antique Swiss bank safe deposit boxes
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Although they were in constant use and perfect working condition for almost a century, our antique Swiss safe deposit boxes did not look like museum pieces when we acquired them. The locks' mechanism were all in brass to guarantee corrosion-proof functionning, but they never had been polished and were covered in a thick layer of grease.

Each lock we restore is fully disassembled and parts are packed by groups according to what work will be necessary on them. You can have a look at one our internal documents showing the parts of a raw combination lock. They don't look like much at this stage.

Parts are then cleaned in a soft acidic bath. Then each mechanical part that requires it is polished by hand, one by one, by a Swiss artisan. Some parts have lost their coatings and are plunged in galvanic bath to restore their chrome or nickel plating.

Swiss Federal Bank Fichet Lock
The mechanism fits in two layers in a strong box and requires a lot of work to reveal its beauty. We polish and thermolacquer the brass dials by hand. We polish and nickel-coat the bolt and the locks' other ferrous components by galvanoplasty to ensure a permanent, elegant shine. The mechanism's layout requires the laser cutting of two transparent acryl plates so that we can reassemble the lock as it was and yet show the entire mechanism from top to bottom. We disassemble each lock and a Swiss artisan polishes each component by hand, one after the other, to achieve a beautiful shine and yet preserve the integrity of the lock. After countless prototypes we were able to laser-cut two layers of transparent acryl glass so that the lock could be fully assembled and yet you can see the entire mechanism through the acryl. You can get an idea of the work involved by looking at this picture of the lock before restoration and compare it to the picture on the left.

Prices can change without notice. Each item is unique and can be different than the general descriptions found on this website. If in doubt please check the price list for an exact description. We do not represent in any form the firms who originally manufactured these items nor the banks who used them. These items are sold for collecting and decorative purposes only.
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