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This door uses a locking mechanism patented by Swiss bank locksmith Bauer AG in 1919. The mechanism prevents removal of the lock even when the door was open unless you had a special 'Director Key' which operated a secret bolt inside the lock. Very secure!

Client Key
Another view of the secret bolt, two client keys and numbered lock cover.

Client Key

On some of the earliest doors we found in the vault, each mechanical part was numbered by hand. For instance on door 374, we found the number 3-7-4 hand-stamped on the door, hinges, secret bolt, etc..., as many as 11 markings per door. These extra markings are found only on some doors and we put a special mention in our price list for these exceptional doors.

Swiss Patent 91497
Specifications (lock only)
Lock Type: Triple lock:
 - 8-lever client lock*
 - 5-lever bank lock*
 - 4-lever director lock*
 - 22 moving parts
Brass, steel and iron.
* Bolts counted as a lever
Size & Weight (Small lock)
Weight:585 gr 1.29 lbs     
Length:134 mm5.27 inches
Width:46 mm1.81 inches
Height:24 mm0.94 inches
Size & Weight (Large lock) 
Weight:870 gr 1.29 lbs     
Length:132 mm5.19 inches
Width:72 mm2.83 inches
Height:24 mm0.94 inches

Door material:1 cm thick steel (0.40'')
Door Color:Brass and RAL 1013
Maker:Bauer AG (Switzerland)
Patent:CH 91497 (1919)
Build date:1922

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